The Pleasure Pier 25th & Seawall

The Pleasure Pier has a long history on the island. It was originally built for the United States military during World War II as a recreation facility for the soldiers. The Pier was transformed in the 1940s into the Galveston Pleasure Pier. It quickly became the best pier across the country and the largest of it kind. They regularly booked top dance bands to play in the Marine Ballroom. Other attractions were the open-air stadium where you could watch movies under the stars at night in Texas. Fishing facilities were a hit of course! A full carnival kept the people coming to the pier and the aquarium was beyond the imagination at the time. The Galveston Pleasure Pier definitely helped with the explosion of tourism on the island. It served as an iconic family destination for many decades.
Prior to the Galveston Pleasure Pier transformation, it was one of many Electric Parks across the country opening in 1906. This park was two blocks East at 23 and Seawall Boulevard. Attractions included a carousel, roller coaster, theater, and the famous aerial swing at the time!
The 25th St pier also housed the iconic Flagship Hotel for over 40 years. It was a new time for Galveston. Jumpstarting the economy once again after Hurricane Carla devasted the original Pleasure Pier. I believe it was the only hotel built over the ocean in North America in its day. It was quite the sight and destination for many decades.
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