Galveston, Texas San Luis Pass AKA The Pass

Galveston Island San Luis Pass or The Pass is a well-known secluded spot to locals. There are always people fishing, camping, off-roading and, just hanging with friends. It is located at the westernmost point of the island and you have both beach and bay access from here. Historically, San Luis Pass has been a popular "back entry" into Galveston Bay for smugglers and pirates. Now it's used for fun and creating good memories. A few things you should know about the pass is it can still be extremely dangerous.
The currents on both sides can get very strong. So always be aware of the currents. Stay out of the water if you think you are being pulled around. It is among the most deadly beaches on the island for sure! It is also a great place to fish because of the water depth along the pass areas. The tides are always pulling fish in and out of the bay so you can catch just about anything. You can be sure to catch something with teeth here so be ready!
Galveston, Texas San Luis Pass Tarpon Cought
Warning Sign at San Luis Pass
Camping is not technically allowed but you will find people out there often with tents and hanging out overnight. Beach fires are always fun but do know there is no beach on the island that you are permitted to have an open fire directly on the beach. With that, you will find many people who do have fires here. Fire safety tip, don't bury your coals, please. They can stay hot for a very long time when under the sand.
Galveston, Texas San Luis Pass Camping Out
Off-roading, You will also see people in 4x4 cars running up and down the beach and in the dunes at times. Be aware the dunes are a protected nesting and migration path for many birds. Look out for the posted signs stating where these nesting areas are located. If the police or game wardens find you in these areas of the dunes you will receive a very large ticket! There are other dunes to the east that are not posted areas for nesting or migration paths. It is our understanding that you shouldn't be on the dues at all. So you could still get a ticket if you get busted in any of these areas. Lastly, know the dunes are a prime spot for rattlesnakes, so don't be surprised if you see one or get bitten while messing around in these areas.
Galveston, Texas San Luis Pass off-roading
Spring Break at The Pass. It has been a longtime spring break area! Be aware during this time of year for a party at the pass! The cops will be out in force as well. Just don't be stupid or, you will get a free night's stay at the Galveston jail.
Galveston, Texas San Luis Pass Spring Break
Tides will get you! You do need to be aware of the tides in the area. They can vary up to 2 feet or more. Look for the seaweed lines on the beach to get an idea of what the tides did last.
The most important tip of all for the pass! The sand can be very loose in the area many cars not equipped for this can get stuck quickly! The good news is many of the 4x4 vehicles will tend to help most people stuck. You may get lucky with a friendly 4x4 owner. I wouldn't count on it, so bring bug spray and some walking shoes just in case!
These are our tips for the pass, so be ready for anything and come prepared for fun and maybe a little digging.
Galveston, Texas San Luis Pass Stuck In The Sand
Galveston, Texas San Luis Pass Recued From The Sand

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